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Explore Life’s Smorgasbord, from Home | Episode 45

One of my favorite reasons to travel is that it’s chance to “try on” slightly different ways of looking at life, of living in the world. Not only is it fun, studies show trying new things has tremendous benefits for our mind and mood. Wandering into the unfamiliar staves off boredom, stimulates our brain cells, and increases the flow of “happy hormones” like dopamine and serotonin.

So, what to do amid lockdowns and travel restrictions? Listen to today’s episode for some more food for thought.

Further exploration

  • Here’s a link to a list of the world’s 10 Healthiest Countries
  • This article helped jog my memory about the types of food I enjoyed in Norway. The brown cheese threw me for a loop, at first, but I quickly learned to love it).
  • The sweater I refer to in the episode came from the Oslo Sweater Shop, which is still in business. Beautiful, locally-made knits that last a lifetime (I bought mine in 1994, and it still looks brand new).



  1. Moira Taylor on 01/19/2021 at 8:28 PM

    Yes, having travelled quite a bit I too have enjoyed cultural awareness and the adventure of trying out many different cuisines, in particular, the Far East as it is an extravaganza of flavours to test the taste buds a truly delightful experience.

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