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Overcoming Shyness: Five Ways Traveling Solo Can Help | Episode 51

In this episode, I share five ways traveling — and, specifically, traveling on my own — helped me overcome shyness.

Even if you’re pretty confident, we all have fears and hesitations that hold us back. I invite you to see if anything I learned resonates with you!

Stay safe while traveling solo

  • Here are some safety tips and common-sense advice for women traveling alone in Europe.
  • And this article offers even more excellent tips on how to protect yourself, physically and financially, while you travel alone.

Coaching information

In my work as a certified coach, I help people who identify as quiet, introverted and/or shy embrace who they are and overcome their limiting beliefs. Here is a link to more information.

If you’d like to book a free consult, the easiest way is through my coaching portal. Click here to find a time and book a free mini-session. If you have questions or would like more information, please email me at


About the author, Stephanie

Stephanie created Beautiful Baggage to share her love of travel and exploration and to inspire others to enjoy the benefits of cultivating an adventurous spirit. If you enjoy this podcast, please leave a five-star review on your favorite podcast platform so that others will be able to find it and share!

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