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The Gift of Experience | Episode 19

Experiences have the power to shape our lives for the better and inspire us in ways we never expected. That’s why they make such great gifts.

This episode is designed to get you thinking about experiences you’d like to give and/or receive. Enjoy!


  • Wildlife viewing opportunities are closer than you think. For locations in the U.S. click here.
  • Looking for a great factory tour near you (or on your next vacation)? This article offers some ideas to get you started.
  • For an experience that delights kids of all ages, check out this list of family-friendly train rides.

About the author, Stephanie

Stephanie created Beautiful Baggage to share her love of travel and exploration and to inspire others to enjoy the benefits of cultivating an adventurous spirit. If you enjoy this podcast, please leave a five-star review on your favorite podcast platform so that others will be able to find it and share!


  1. Jackie on 12/13/2019 at 4:56 AM

    I took my young children to Legoland in Denmark years ago, where they drove miniature cars with a real steering wheel and pedals and had to make hand signals. They had to stop at stop signs and traffic lights and to stop along the miniature streets to fill the gas tank at a miniature gas / petrol station. It was a unique experience and great fun for them, and I understand that both Florida and California each now have a Legoland.

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